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2011 年 04 月 23 日

ON TVIntro:

It seems to me that television is a good thing. It not only provides information for people but plays a great role in entertainment. Notwithstanding some people might think that the violence and bloody scenes which spread along with some particular programs, the advantages and laughter which television brings couldn’t be overtaken easily by any other audio device.

Since 21 century, because of the invention of television, a big black box with a cable behind, has helped not only the government but folks to deliver the information and opinion which they wanted to show to the entire society. For instance, while a typhoon strikes Taiwan, people couldn’t get information from the government immediately. Thanks for the invention of television, people then can get a briefly news with a thumb pressing the button on the remote control.

So here are some things that I wanna discuss about:

1. When did the first Television come out?

The first TV got its debut in 1928, United States. It is a cabinet compacting a 4” screen. It is a mechanical television made by GE(General Electric) called, “Octagon”. And only four of these were built.


2. How can it involve and influence people’s everyday life?

TV transport the information through visual ways. People receive them by sitting in front of the TV. News and entertainments are two most important part in which TV influencing-range. You can know what just happened in NY, at the next second the important decision which Taiwan’s president just made popped out immediately. I mean, really, you couldn’t live without TV for just a few days.

3. Why does “Visual” involve our daily life so STRONG?

Have you ever discover that learing in a visual way retains a longer period? Memorizing graphic will be much easier than maintaining words inside your mind.

4. What are shown on TV?

News channels, usually divided into several sections, are most people always switch to. For example the headlines from CNN, the international news from BBC. Entertainment programs, for instance, talk shows, sports telecasts and movies which is my favorite part. And of course education channels, such as, National Geography Channel and discovery Channel.

5. What are the differences between TV news and the news from a newspaper?

TV news compatibly integrate with audio-visual videos, while newspaper couldn’t do that, definitely. But TV news is commanded to be far more briefly displaying the news than the daily newspaper. Thus, they only give you a little bit of information about each news. As a matter of fact you cannot know what happened in-depth. On the other hand, newspaper could give you more information and provides more aspects for readers as you can see in editorials.

6. What are the positive and negative influences of TV?

First and foremost, TV spreads information very quickly. Thus, it makes people update the latest easily. As for education, it would be a perfect match with teachers, providing great things for students. Students may find answers and learn something through some specific TV shows. Nevertheless, there are still too much sex and violence on TV, which will make bad effects on adolescent.

7. Question for readers who want to share your opinion with me:

What TV programs do you like?

BTW, I love “Chunk V.S. the mask” recently.

Write your answers below~ Hope you like it…

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