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Once again, I’ve been punched by Math.

2011 年 03 月 27 日

It was sad and disappointed (and honestly, a little bit shock) when i heard my math grade popping out from the teacher’s mouth. Unfortunately, this was the worst  grade in my entire senior high life. But after a while, i totally forgot it!

I got a lot of As in my first grade.  So, ok, i have to admit. I am not so prepared for this time. I totally underestimate it! At the moment i saw the test paper, so nervous that,"What the hell it is ?" i thought. Huh… That means i really have to study harder next time.

Last week i just bought Avril’s latest album. It’s so great that i listen to it all the time. (Almost there of Katy Perry’s in my own ranking) Anyway, just recommending. 🙂

Oh, recently i am reading a fascinating novel, called “Die Vermessung der Welt". It is a German-written book, original. It then translated into English. At the beginning, it was not so appealing for me to read. After reading a couple of pages and i left it on the table. Ha! 🙂 But last week (After midterm exam) I finally got plenty of time. So, i chose to get myself inside the novel. And it is far better than i thought originally! It’s interesting but not so attractive. It was like….following a prescribe pattern. (Maybe ’cause it’s a German 🙂 ) I’ve  studied German for half year~ Guten Tag! Anyway, It’s still a great book about a two extraordinary people (mathematician and scientist) Gauss and Von Humbuldt. It educated me about this two celebrities. The fact is it is a novel, so i don’t know whether the informations and stories were right or not.

It’s so late now~ Wish everybody a great weekend!  🙂


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